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If you’ve ever asked yourself the following questions, then My Construction Trainer is the right place for you:

  • How can I build my professional construction skills?
  • Where can I find courses to advance my construction career?
  • How can I learn about construction topics without going back to school?
  • Why aren’t there courses on construction taught by someone who works in the industry?

William Honnold

Hi…I’m Bill

Husband, father, grandfather and construction professional. 

I created My Construction Trainer to teach beginning and experienced construction professionals the skills they need to succeed in their careers. This could mean increasing the value to your company and project team, making more money, getting a promotion, or feeling the satisfaction of mastering complex topics.

I know you have other choices for learning about construction. And I know I have to earn your trust with my posts, books, and courses. So, here’s a little bit about why you should consider learning from me.

What Do I Know About This Stuff?

I’ve worked in the construction industry since 1974.

That’s a long time!

In 1974, I graduated college with a degree in architecture. I got married and began my journey into adulthood. Problem was, I couldn’t find a job in architecture.

So, I landed my first job out of college as an assistant superintendent building Sambo’s restaurants. I was like a sponge soaking up everything I could learn about construction. This was the beginning of my life in the construction industry.

Since then, I’ve worked in the structural concrete business, been a project and operations manager for general contractors, and a construction manager for Sony Pictures Entertainment. In 2004, I started my own construction management business and have managed over $500 million of construction work for my corporate, institutional, and private development clients.

I Love to Teach

One of the most rewarding parts of my career has been teaching and mentoring aspiring construction professionals. I’m the guy people come to when they have complex construction problems (and sometimes personal problems). But let’s face it:

  • None of us has the time to go back to school to get additional training.
  • People we work with are so busy doing their jobs that they don’t have time to mentor or teach us.
  • Learning by doing is the best way to learn, but it takes a long time.

Ready to Learn?


Normally I publish one new blog post every week. If you don’t want to miss out, please sign-up using the form below to receive fresh updates and free stuff delivered to your inbox. I’ll cover topics such as:

  • The construction manager’s role on the project
  • Mechanic’s lien law without the legal bullish*t
  • How to read blueprints
  • Project scheduling basics
  • My top application recommendations for construction managers
  • How to build a strong construction team
  • Project delivery methods and when to use them

…and much, much more.

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